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Enjoy all that we have to offer with our carefully selected packages that are sure to give you just what you’re looking for.

"We were designated as one of the top 50 spas in Canada by spAWARDS in 2012."
  • Experiences
    $225 buy now

    Couple's Duet - 2 Hours

    60 min Massage for Two,
    Frozen Yogurt Smoothies or Wine for Two,
    Jacuzzi Soak

    $150 buy now

    Fresh Expression - 1.5 Hours

    Elemental Nature 30 min Massage,
    Smoothing Body Polish,
    Shampoo and Style

    $195 buy now

    Ageless Beauty - 2.5 Hours

    Green Science Anti-aging Facial - 90 minutes,
    Green Science Anti-aging Manicure

    $265 buy now

    Earth Energy - 2.75 Hours

    Hot Stone Massage,
    Austrian Moor Mud Body Wrap,
    Shampoo and Style

    $295 buy now

    Experience Elemental Nature - 3.75 Hours

    Elemental Nature 30 min Massage,
    Elemental Nature Facial - 90 minutes,
    Elemental Nature Manicure,
    Elemental Nature Pedicure

    $355 buy now

    Island Intervention - 4.5 Hours

    Caribbean Therapy Seaweed Body Wrap,
    Focused Care Facial,
    Spa Cafe Lunch,
    Caribbean Therapy Manicure,
    Caribbean Therapy Pedicure

    $405 buy now

    Stress Fighting Favourite - 5 Hours

    Enbrightenment Illuminating Facial - 90 minutes,
    Stress-Fix Body Massage,
    Spa Café Lunch,
    Shampoo and Style,
    Stress-Fix Pedicure,
    Stress-Fix Manicure

    $310 buy now

    Make Your Escape Fan Favourite

    Smoothing Body Polish,
    Elemental Nature Facial - 60 minutes,
    Stress-Fix Body Massage,
    Botanical Hair & Scalp Therapy

  • $99 Suite Retreat
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