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Enjoy all that we have to offer with our carefully selected packages that are sure to give you just what you’re looking for.

"After a massage, be sure to visit our full service salon to ensure you leave our spa looking as good as you feel."
  • Christmas
    $210 buy now

    Holiday Delight

    30 minute Massage
    Elemental Nature Facial - 60 minutes
    Energizing Eye Treatment Gift Package

    $155 buy now

    Holiday Bliss

    Shampure Manicure
    Shampure Pedicaure

    $299 buy now

    Holiday Retreat

    One Night's Accommodations
    30 Minute Massage Duet

    $325 buy now

    Holiday Magic

    Smoothing Body Polish
    Hot Stone Ritual
    60 Minute Elemental Nature Facial
    Shampoo and Style

  • Experiences
    $225 buy now

    Couple's Duet - 2 Hours

    60 min Massage for Two,
    Frozen Yogurt Smoothies or Wine for Two,
    Jacuzzi Soak

    $150 buy now

    Fresh Expression - 1.5 Hours

    Elemental Nature 30 min Massage,
    Smoothing Body Polish,
    Shampoo and Style

    $195 buy now

    Ageless Beauty - 2.5 Hours

    Green Science Anti-aging Facial - 90 minutes,
    Green Science Anti-aging Manicure

    $265 buy now

    Earth Energy - 2.75 Hours

    Hot Stone Massage,
    Austrian Moor Mud Body Wrap,
    Shampoo and Style

    $295 buy now

    Experience Elemental Nature - 3.75 Hours

    Elemental Nature 30 min Massage,
    Elemental Nature Facial - 90 minutes,
    Elemental Nature Manicure,
    Elemental Nature Pedicure

    $355 buy now

    Island Intervention - 4.5 Hours

    Caribbean Therapy Seaweed Body Wrap,
    Focused Care Facial,
    Spa Cafe Lunch,
    Caribbean Therapy Manicure,
    Caribbean Therapy Pedicure

    $390 buy now

    Stress Fighting Favourite - 5 Hours

    Enbrightenment Illuminating Facial - 90 minutes,
    Stress-Fix Body Massage,
    Spa Café Lunch,
    Shampoo and Style,
    Stress-Fix Pedicure,
    Stress-Fix Manicure

    $310 buy now

    Make Your Escape Fan Favourite

    Smoothing Body Polish,
    Elemental Nature Facial - 60 minutes,
    Stress-Fix Body Massage,
    Botanical Hair & Scalp Therapy

  • $99 Suite Retreat
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